kill cancer

It’s true, in fact I’ve had cancer multiple times… and so have you!

That sounds like a crazy statement,  but in fact you are dealing with cancer everyday of your life… all without knowing it.

The truth is, contrary to popular belief, cancer is a natural process that is occurring in every living organism.

Cancer is defined as an abnormal function cell.

This happens all the time, but it is the job of the immune system to identify and respond. Check out another extensive great article by the Doctorwithin – Dr. Tim Oshea

Cancer happens and is detectable, as it is commonly feared by most people, when an immune system begins to allow abnormal cells to remain present and grow without triggering a response to get rid of them. Why?

Three reasons that I have been able to identify. First, the immune system is less and less able to  work well, aka failing.  Second, the immune system is becoming overwhelmed with toxicity and can not keep up, aka overworked. The immune system and other subconscious processes have arrived at the conclusion that having these ‘cancer’ cells is more beneficial than not. This more than likely is due to some reason that is beyond you or your doctors understanding.

The Question

The question becomes, Why would a cell function abnormally?

Currently, there are only a few simple answers.

1. The cells is not getting what it needs to function properly.

2. The cells is getting to much of something that causes it to malfunction.

With out getting into all the possibilities that can poison/breakdown or enhance/rejuvenate a cell or the physical body, a philosophy or mode of operation in which to base your actions and decisions on becomes the most important factor.

After the shift in understanding, knowing what causes these cells to improve or get worse becomes really easy and reading and remembering all the little details of every product or experience becomes less important and less necessary.

Philosophical Shift

Nature is perfect and is always doing what is 100% necessary to maintain optimal function (homeostasis)

The body focuses its resources on regeneration, rejuvenation and procreation.

The physical body does nothing that contradicts the “The law of necessity”

I was reminded of these principles recently when watching this video by Dr. Thomas Lodi. I highly recommend watching a few of his videos!


Here’s an other interesting video that you may want to spend a few minutes watching in regards to the for profit medical industry and the information they don’t want you to know.


Finally, there is more and more evidence that cancer also has roots from the mental emotional world of ourselves, search through some of my previous articles and read with a perspective that negative emotions are like candy, easy to eat but horrible for the body.

You can learn how your mind can lead you to self healing and self betterment through one of the best programs I’ve used at home.


Dr. Kevin


Edited on April 20th: Other resources to read and review Distress – The First Mental and emotional Cause of Cancer Traumatic Shock – The Second Mental and Emotional Cause of Cancer The Emotional Causes of Cancer