A common issue that many attribute to old age, it’s not supposed to happen and it’s not right.


That’s right, our brains are supposed to be sharp and be able to remember and recall with clarity.

Although a common occurrence that happen frequently, there is a very simple and easy way to help your brain improve.

However, everyone is different.


“Switching (Neurological Disorganization) can be compared to an electrical problem in the nervous system. The signaling within the nervous system has gotten reversed in one or more of the three dimensions.”   (….read the whole story on switching )

You May Be Switched If:

  • You find yourself bumping into tables, door jams and other objects
  • Frequently dropping items
  • Your choices feel accurate, but later you discover they were the wrong choices
  • Coordination of body parts – Like the ability to throw a ball, but yet very difficult to do well.
  • Learning disabilities
  • Injuries to the head or other body parts
  • Chewing Gum
  • Eat unhealthy foods: Almost every type of packaged, canned and fried foods
  • Toxins and other environmental chemicals

How to correct

There a number of therapies and methods to help with switching, but one needs to be knowledgeable in acupuncture points, meridian lines and areas of deep anatomy.

My self and Dr Horning at the Horning Chiropractic Center are experts in identifying and assisting people in regaining the life back.

See you there,

Dr Kevin