I’ve been reading a fascinating book that someone lent to me over the past two weeks. I have a few more chapters to go but there is a few messages that I feel would be wise to share. This will be the first of a few writings I a putting together as a result of reading this book!!!


While reading this book I have noticed a transformation being undertaken. There is nothing that I will be describing, but more of an awareness for you. Why? Because what I have recognized to be true is this, when one is reading something written with higher consciousness, the perception of what has been taught and therefore what is being expressed on the readers life begin to change.

The ego begins to see it’s own beliefs and values as limited and preventing one from expanding, and in some cases seeing the lies that it has held to be true. Emotional to say the least, so now what?

Studying, Learning and Personal Growth

For many it is the desire to be.

The desire to be better, to be able to have experiences that you choose, and ultimately, as one matures, to desire to be able to provide as a service to fellow man/woman- kind.

The Awakening Process

You see when one begins to learn more and more of the truth of existence here on this planet, the physiological aspects of the body change as well.

In other words, one can say that our physical body is associated with the state of our mental body…. As your awareness opens, expands and becomes at peace and balance, so does the physical body!!


What I mean by awareness is this: EVERYTHING

What you’re seeing, experiencing, hearing, feeling and tasting as well as what you focus on and ‘deal’ with in life is all a creation that you are at the center of. Some times we were given these values, beliefs and perspectives from our families, others from society and others still from our own experiences and studies.

To be aware of these aspects of our lives results in an awakening.

The awakening process is associated with the body because the body is a mirror of the mind, the body is the physical expression of the mental state of mind.

Ask Yourself This Question

When someone is depressed, are they more likely to be walking around with bounce to their step and a smile on there face,  or are they more likely to be slouched, eyes down and have a low attitude?

Tell yourself what you think, but the answer is depression in the mind results in a depressive demeanor and attitude.

You are a multifaceted holographic dynamic being of consciousness ( a spiritual being) having a physical experience!!!

That’s a mouth full, but in more simple terms, think of the statements below:

Be the change you see in the world

Above down inside out

If you can see it you can achieve it

As Above so Below

These says aren’t just catchy talking points. This is the way in which an idea, or thought, becomes a reality. The only thing preventing the reality from become so, is fear.

Surrender that fear, it is of no use for anything but survival, and even then fear is more of an alert process than one of running away or incapacitation.

You know you want more peace and happiness in life, take action with faith and trust and ask for help.

When you ask, it shall be provided!

Set up our time together and take a direct action step to enhancing you life!!


Dr Kevin