The emotional tidal waves were around every corner of my life, what kept me happy in the midst of tears? What allowed me to be joyful and thinking positively while pain filled family members hearts and minds all within the last 4 weeks?

I’ve had a lot of personal ups and downs over the last month, too many to talk about, but to give you an idea, my brother got married and my grandmother died within 24 hours of each other, Que tidal wave of emotions!

Tidal Waves

Life has a funny way of showing us how it works, but attempting to understand whats going on is like understanding quantum physics.

We have all experienced emotional shocking and painful moments and depending on how you choose to respond, or how you unconsciously react, can lead you on a road to success or enslavement.

The Road of Success

Was made with a decision. A decision that I deserved to be happy, have the income that provides me freedom to travel and do what I desire, to be happy with the work I was doing because the work had purpose, meaning and help others benefit.

You see, we all have certain automatic reflexes, and in being human, there is a natural inclination to help one another, the “Tribe” prospers when we combine efforts, energies and strategies.

Simple Steps

The steps are simple, but they require persistence and consistency.

There will be ups and downs, good times and challenging ones.

But you know you deserve a better life, you know you deserve more, but sometimes there are questions. Sometimes that voice creeps up and takes you out it.


ACTION is what’s required, here’s your chance. Follow this link, watch the video and see if you resonate with the message!


Dr Kevin