There have been fabled hero’s of old lore telling tales of magical powers and abilities.

What has been witnessed by myself an many others has been nothing short of subjective proof, but the results and experiences speak for themselves.What am I talking about?

Healing and personal transformation.

The power of the universe is contained with you because you are an infinite being. When you recognize this and then fully apply this thinking in your life, you literally become the conscious co-creator of your life.

With love and compassion based intentions and application of universal laws of giving and receiving one can actualize any experience desired.

Below is a video a friend forwarded me recently. I have previously only seen a brief hot, but this is an extended clip with wonderful insights that I have began to personally apply. I will attest to deeper levels of awareness and positive influence of the effect I am having with my clients. There is a greater simplicity with whatever method I am applying!!

Expand your mind, know that the appropriate application of the scientific method is confirming many of these types of experiences, but main stream research and reporting are stuck in the proverbial stone ages, be the light.


Dr. Kevin