Today I received a letter from a friend and in it contained a torn out article titled “Osteoarthritis: A Degenerative Athritis Disease”

From the moment I read the title I knew I was going to write this.

The article is from a free Southern NJ magazine entitled ’’

Essentially, the very brief article provides a definition, statistics and recomendations around this topic.

Of course these tid-bits of information, while true, do nothing to explain how the process began or how to stop and reverse it.

All this article does is promote a fear based mindset about health and the human body while encouraging you to spend your money on a solution that will do nothing to alter the causitive factors that led to this issue in the first place.

The Basics

Wolffs Law. One of my favorites!!

Essentially the law in the world of physiology of the body states that bone remodels and changes based on the mecahincal loads and movement patterns acquired over time.

Remember, every part of you is alive. You are a walking chemistry lab, a moving structural wonder and you have the most advance super computer and communication network built.right into you….and that all comes standard.

Biomechanics of Being Human

When one can truely understand the intricacies of moving and coordinating over 600 muscles and 200 bones. All while your mind is completely distracted with numerous thoughts and ideas constantly going on in your daily life.

The complexity is enormous…. but easily taken for granted. Enjoy it though because it is part of the magic of being human.

Osreoarthristis is Normal

Osteoarthritis is not a disease. It is a normal reaction to acquired abnormal movement adaptations from years of repetative actions as well as mutliple insidious and traumatic injuries.

And considering that bone is a living tissue, nutritional habits become highly important. The food one chooses to eat either.promotes the internal environment for breakdown and degeneration or rejuvination and growth.

Additionally, our emotional states of being, personal belief systems, and areas of mental stressors in our life also play a role in where the body expresses symptoms.

A mutiple layered entangled web of interconnections!!!

So what can you do?

Physical Balancing

I am trained chiropractor so I am going to recommed chiropractic.

Why? Because chiropractic, when applied appropriately, assists the body in releasing structural blockages at a deeper level than any other physical modality and enhances the neurologic function and communication systems that influence every aspect of your life. A real life changer!!

But those of you reading this and considering selecting a chiropractor, there are many differences in the way a doctor can serve his or her patients.

Within chiropractoc there are many styles and techniques. Some are physical some are very gentle. Some techniqes focus on different parts of your neuroanatomy or musculoskeletal systems. Additionally, understand some doctors just have better skill, more experience and or different intentions.

Mental and Emotional Relief

EFT – emotional freedom technique. This is a free self help technique that has many tremendous benefits. I personally use it and I have seen patients have great results. This is for both physical and mental difficulties. Read up on.Dr. Mercolas website about EFT. There is even an amazing movie about it….go on youtube.

Chemical Balancing

Finally, In my personal opinion, a health professional that understand and applies the nutritional technique of Functional Bioanalysis will do more good for you than any other nutritional specialist in regards to solving ongoing health issues and optimizing body performance.

I hope this broadens your view of how wonderful you are and that the ability of your body is much greater than what you have been taught to believe.

Dr Kevin