Sine wave energy tesla*This is the first article I wrote for this blog a few months ago, but I am realizing it is so relevant today that I wanted to get out again!! Happy reading.

When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt back you head and laugh at the sky

We live our life in cycles but have you really spent time ‘zooming out your thinking’ when considering these life cycles and events. Are you familiar with the Mandelbrot Set?(The visual representation of Infinity)

This concept is at the foundation of reality and our current and future technology.

Did you watch at least the first 5-10 minutes? It will open your mind to ask some of these next questions.

How do these concepts of cycles and perfection of life truly translate into our lives? You know, the materiel part of our world,  people, buildings, cars, trees, etc.

Think of a mirror. what you are seeing is just a reflection. Life is the same. What is being experienced and perceived on the inside is what we experience in our life, in this physical 3D world (Newtonian perspective of life).

What you believe about yourself, about your friends and relatives, how one should act in a given situation, what you feel about your country, politics, science, religion…. anything and everything has a belief structure associated with it and based on the beliefs, attitudes and ways of interacting… the people, events and objects associated with “X” situation respond and mirror our internal expectations.

But there’s a big problem… a giant pink elephant in the room so to speak…

It’s the non-physical aspect of life. The ideas, ah-ha moments, gut instincts and intuitions.

Understand our current global society only found out about x-rays, radio waves, and other non-visible forms of energy a few decades ago.

When you begin to see the depth and levels in which our lives have continuing levels of complexity and simplicity all happening simultaneously then you will begin to appreciate the magnificance of your mind in relation to the universal mind.

Below is a cool picture that will give you a simple idea.. click on the link for a full pdf!

causeneffectmindmaplaw-of-cause-effect (click for full .pdf)

Here an example; We have yearly weather cycles, related to the moon and planets in our region of space. These cycles are affected by the electromagnetic fields of the earth which are affected by the sun planets and stars.

There are even other larger more subtle influences considering our place in the Milky-way galaxy. There is true amazement in the and scope in which this expands….. check out the pictures below.

The Brain: Neurons and Synapses

nerve galactic filament

Our universe and our place in it
Intersting how it looks like the neurons above!
Just another Repeating Cycle

Brain galactic filament

Just to get an idea of the size and scope of things


Here’s a cool video demonstrating this point


OK OK OK… so how does this apply to me?

Well our mental and emotional lives are also interconnected to these experiences. And everything that you are experiencing in life you participated in creating for yourself. ….whoa whoa whoa you say.
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I would never create this “whatever negative” experience in my life, is what most people say….. ahhhhh but you did.

Universal Law

My favorite 3 that I have been actively learning to understand more and more are the following:

The law of Deliberate Creation
The law of Attraction
The Law of Allowing

Understand and Use These laws to Benefit You and Your Loved Ones!!

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt back you head and laugh at the sky”

Finally, I will leave you with a quote from a comment left on another blog post Fake Buddha Quotes

In response to the statement, “I agree with the quote but it’s obviously not something Buddha would say.That wasn’t his form of medicine. When you devote your life to spread the noble truth of Suffering, you’re not teaching perfection.” by Karl Baba.

The Noble truth of Suffering is a lesson intended to be used as what I call a “pointer”. The meditation on the concept of life being suffering is one that leads (i.e. points) the practitioner to an awareness that we are the creators of our suffering. When we realize this and accept this into our practice we then begin the transformation of our perspective and how we choose to view our place in this world in human form. This is some times referred to as bliss consciousness or God consciousness. We are the creators of our reality. If we choose suffering then we live a life of suffering. However, when we realize that we have a chose in this matter then a shift in consciousness takes place which enables us to become awake to the life that we are creating in this moment. This state is a state of higher consciousness that allows us to let go of suffering. In the letting go of suffering one understands and is made aware that everything in this moment is as it should be. Everything is perfect as it is. It could not be any other way. Love is what emerges from this realization. Love for everything and everyone. We are all part of the one.