Through my third eye, a brilliant blue light becomes present in this point of a healing session, signifying a clearing of stuck/subluxated energy.

What is the Next Step

Many have an experience in their third eye vision, AKA, the sights one sees in their eyes when closed during a healing session with various Reiki and Quantum healing modalities.

But what is needed beyond the session is to clarify and say, out loud, what you want.

I am referring to feelings and experiences of life, not material things.

(Although, if one is in need of actual material items to bring about a level of life that is required for  comfort, than by all means that is the right use of this energy)

IF you desire a peaceful existence, there is work, but you will learn and be brought experiences that teach you to be at peace. If you desire more love in your life, there is a requirement to love oneself more, and this includes self – preservation.

Self preservation is an act of love, because if your ability to be able to give; provide physical, emotional, mental and financial support, if it is diminished or lost, then what quality are you able to give to others?
If you place loved ones at risk, then is this an act of love towards them?
SO boundaries are beautiful, when combined with loving acts of support in those of need from a safe distance, self-preservation is ensuring you are able to continue the mission of going on and helping others more!!!

Can You Say I Love You to Yourself?

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Dr Kevin