You are laying there at night. Your mind is racing at a million thoughts per/second. Why didn’t he/she text me back? I need this, that or the other thing? How am I going to pay for this? Why can’t I get what I want?

It doesn’t matter the question…….Blah Blah Blah Blah!!!!!

Collective Experience

We all have these experience; In the middle of the day, middle of the night and sometimes we even wake up with it!

The result of this is stress and this is way beyond the good stress. Then what happens?Physical symptoms. Pains, aches, and other health issues. If there long enough, results in dis-ease. Just follow me for the moment…..

The body and mind have been considered separate for much of recent science and mainstream thinking. In fact most people were told “It’s just in your head” then given a medication or told to man up. Hell yes it’s in their and it’s affecting everything.

When It’s Just in Your Head

A very important topic, but don’t take my word for it. A world famous Neuroscientist Candace Pert states the following. (If you never heard of her, dive into her research, videos and books)

Most psychologists treat the mind as disembodied, a phenomenon with little or no connection to the physical body.Conversely physicians treat the body with no regard to the mind or the emotions. But the body and mind are not separate, and we can not treat one without the other.

Watch part 1 of this brief interview and then I encourage watching the 2nd part!!

Molecules of Emotion

It comes to one thing. Recognition of Mind. What do I mean? Let me briefly explain…

Perception of events in your life have been colored by what you have been taught. Beliefs about yourself, about the world and about other people have all been provided to you essentially from the moment you are conceived to the age of seven.

Although you continue to learn after that age, before then your mind is an empty computer and is being programmed by the people, events and the surroundings you are in. You are learning to be human.

For example, knowledge off how to start a fire with a few sticks and some stone is not critical if you are born to an affluent family in the United States. Although a valuable skill in the right time, it is not essential to your survival when you are born.

OK, Now Becoming Your Own Healer

Around this topic the word parameters comes up

The topic of parameters is defining what you accept as behavior and actions from yourself and others around you to what you chose to move away from.

This is going on with every type of relationship we encounter, work, social and family among anything else you can come with. What do you accept and what do you deny.

There are emotions and experiences from our parents and social circles that have been great for each of us and will continue to be. But they also blessed us with their difficulties. We can recognize this by our mind and its thinking process.The more rapid, worrisome, clattered thinking you are having the more your higher self and internal wisdom is showing you there is something non-congruent with your personal true self and what you have been told to believe ( i will be posting an article on my blog about this titled “The Gift of the Emotional Explosion”)

This constant clattered thinking is the clue.

The Process

It begins with silence. Sit quietly, allowing your self to feel those thoughts you are having and sit with intention of finding where those thoughts are “living” in your body.

When you identify the location of the sensation allow yourself to experience the memory of people, places, picture, feelings, smells and any other experiences associated with that.

Respect those feelings, there is good in them, they are showing you how you learned to live this aspect of your life and they are providing clue to higher levels of being.

Forgive the people or events involved.Actually mind your heart and mind send that memory forgiveness with sincerity.

Provide them compassion. Understand that those people where acting in way of confusion. They reacted how they were taught, their emotions and ego got the better of them. Understand that you have done before. Prvide this memory with deep compassion and understanding with sincerity.

The ask your higher self, God or the wisdom that coordinates all things to asssit yourself to be provided with awareness of a new perspective.That is the outside-in. Realize that your higher self, God or the wisdom of all things is contained within you and you are within it. You have all the ability to become aware with in. Question your belief system and realize that you do have the ability to greater levels of awareness and learning.

Awareness. Your intention is to develop an awareness with one that aligns with your positive intention and aligned with Divine Love Source Energy.This intention is to focus on becoming aware of new paradigms and perspectives surrounding that memory of the event.

Congratulations you are doing great!!

You are on the road to greater levels of enlightenment and alignment, Self empowerment and Self -worth.


This process I have become aware of may be something that I first realize, or perhaps a collection of consciousness that I have been able to tap into. But for some this is a brand new idea. Often these new ideas need time and assistance in reviewing how to perform them effectively.

You are reading this, which means you have done a lot of work and soul searching on your own. I can assist you if you desire. But you also have friends and family that you are wanting to help. I applaud you on that!

I am a professional with more than a decade of experience of assisting people in making the transition and taking that next step. I had to do it for myself and now I am doing it for other. Assist me in my passion by helping the ones you love. We can make it work!! I promise.

So share this on your social media. The World needs to see it. Regardless if they contact me or have a discussion with you. We can help all those that desire it!!!!

It is our duty and my calling! Contact me and let’s take another step together.


Dr Kevin