Are You Searching For Your Destiny?

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I received a question a few days ago and I wanted to share my response with everyone. Of course maintaining privacy, read below for my answer to ….. HOW DO I FIND MY DESTINY? Dear subscriber, Thank you for your question and I value your time in asking. Here's my opinion. Destiny, in my belief is multiple. So if one chooses to look at life negatively, there is a negative destiny's awaiting you. But if [...]

Have Yo u Heard of “Chosen People”?

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I read this today..... ...The idea of the “chosen people.” What he said is that those of us with a spiritual consciousness, those of us who are able to look at each day for the energy and opportunity for growth that lies within it, are “chosen” to bring Light to the world, to be vehicles of kindness, acceptance, and human dignity. To use the phrase “chosen people” means that we’re chosen for a job, and [...]

Love: Raw & Uncut Ep 9

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In this Episode of Raw & Uncut I reveal a few additional thoughts regarding the topic of love in our life, in music. What is Love, this Tone, this Vibration, this Energy? We have termed it Love, but the feeling, within.... sit there for a moment Recall the highest, greatest remembrance or vision and feeling of love in your life, Breath with it. Find out what happens when you think about, say and feel love!!!! [...]

Did you know?…. You Were Right the whole time

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“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” Socrates Your Choice One of the longest standing arguments of all time. Destiny or free will. What if it's some combination of both? Choose what' right for you, because your right. Confused? Start here, it's the first post I wrote. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.” ~Henry Ford Blessings, Dr Kevin

What have you chosen to fill your mind with?

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Your mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains it's original dimensions. ~Oliver Wendall Holmes So what are you choosing to fill your mind? NFL stats? Celebrity gossip? Talk shows and the latest on who got eliminated on which ever dance or sing show? Ask yourself Is this information helping me attain what I truly desire for myself and my family? Here's what I Fill my Mind With Here is the link to an [...]

Nothing Goes Away Until…

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Getting right to the point... The challenges, obstacles and down right problems in life are the dark, rich, and fertile soil in which seeds of life are planted. Compassion, forgiveness, understanding, inspiration, goodness, happiness, enjoyment, and beyond are planted. How???? By standing on the shoulders of others, figuratively speaking of course. Can you accept the mission to be taught how to develop you own self awareness of the mind and body and then what to [...]

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