Have the Answers Been There All Along?

By |2015-11-04T22:30:00-05:00November 4th, 2015|Wellness|

Consider the following: The universe is talking to us all the time. The people around us can be messengers, channels for that Creative Force, which constantly desires to share and assist us on our way. The problem is that usually we have our visors down. We don’t hear, we don’t see. We aren’t open and ready to really listen to what is being communicated to us. Right In Front Your Nose Often times the answer [...]

Wilting Flowers and Absurd Science

By |2014-10-24T08:16:21-04:00October 24th, 2014|Wellness|

The Question is everything!!! But where does it come from?   Imagine you have a flower that is wilting. How do you know it is wilting? You know by the signs and symptoms of what a wilting flower looks like. This is called expression of life. Regarding a flower, we recognize it as leaves turning brown, dried up petals and branches, bent over stalks, dry looking soil and perhaps a few other clues. So what's [...]


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