RelationShips, It all comes down to perspective.


Relation Ships”

The real secret of an incredible relationship has absolutely nothing to do with the other person. It has to do with you. You can only love as much as your heart is capable of loving. Not just that person but anything. There’s only one door to the heart.

You can’t keep it closed to all kinds of people and all kinds of things and all kinds of situations but think well the right person, then I’ll open it for him. It doesn’t work that way. It’s one door.

So your ability to love period is the basis for a great relationship. How much am I capable of loving. How passionate am I about life.
How much am I capable of loving the sunrise, this day, my dog, myself.

If you are conditionally loving things. I love this a little bit, I love… I’m not talking about preferences but when there’s something you really care about, if you don’t know how to give yourself to it a hundred percent, when the right person comes along you won’t know how to love him or her.

If you think the other person’s going to do things to make you love them, that’s a misunderstanding. Your love has a life of it’s own. And your ability to love has nothing to do with if the person is pleasing you or not. It has to do with how much your heart is ready to just jump into the fire.”

Barbara DeAngelis

via The path to health and happiness.


When I read that I sat still for a while.

For many, that is a daunting task. What I want you to know is that your body has a physical (bone, muscle, tendon, etc, etc) pattern lock that is related to the self love mental state described above.

If you are having difficulty with relationships, then by universal law, you have a physical and physiological pattern that is stuck as well.

Releasing the Pattern

How I practice healing is by identifying and releasing the physical state associated with the mental pattern of concerned.

During this process I will be guiding you in increasing your ability to see varying perspectives while upgrading your thinking toward positivity and solution identification.

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Self love is a state of being and you have been led to beleive that you can’t change that.

Sit and consider how you can love yourself more.

Blessings and Best regards,

Dr Kevin