You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

If you hold this to be true then keep reading.


The Ah-ha moments come at random times, often after moments of emotional desperation. Then clarity strikes and your off to make positive action steps.

Everything you do, was first a thought. 

But the question that comes to mind is this, if thoughts are first, am I thought?

Thoughts precede things, and I am a thing, a person, therefore I am a thought.

If I am my thoughts, who or what part of me chose these thoughts?

But thoughts can change, you can learn new thoughts and change your thoughts.

So does this mean I can change who I am?


Sort of

Changing your thoughts results in a change. A change in awareness. You are not different, you are simply accessing an expressing a different part of who you are.

For if you are thought, and thoughts are in a different “place” than anyone can sense (see, feel, touch, smell, or hear) then the thoughts are coming from a non-physical place.

This place, some call the field, contains all that is, was and will be.

This is where the thoughts are coming from.

This means this is where you come from.

This means you are an expression of a particle of this field.

The field penetrates, flows and composes all things.

Just as the petal of the flower is part of a greater whole, so is your experience here, now, in this body.

So give yourself honor.

Express your authentic self. To your greatest potential.


good question.