Have you ever heard the term energy can neither be created nor destroyed?

This is what the scientists and researchers throughout time have come up with. True or not, it seems to hold up these days. Energy is. Energy remains.

In the same way, love is. Love remains.

Love is a force that can neither be diminished nor destroyed. It is one of greatest or perhaps even the greatest power that can exist on this earth.

If we can bring this power into ourselves, into our everyday actions, and into our consciousness, then we can create a world in which there can be acceptance and human dignity for ourselves, for others, and for humanity as a whole. This is how we will hopefully eventually do away with war. By bringing ourselves to a nonjudgmental way of seeing others, we can learn to live together in a peaceful world.

What To Do Now?

You’ve heard that love is the answer, you’ve read and hopefully understood that love is an energy, so now what? How can you apply it in your life?

It Starts by Being Grateful.

regardless of the crap going on in your life, how bad the market or politics gets, or what the bank account looks like, you can appreciate something or someone.

Perhaps it’s a beutiful sunrise or sunset. Perhaps that you are simple here taking a breath. Maybe a small child smiling at you.

Appreciate it. Don’t just say I appreciate it… you must FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL the appreciation, in your core, in your heart.

Start there. Work with it daily. Do it for a week and tell me what happens.

If you feeling stuck or not quite sure what to do, set up a 2 session consultation. For a small exchange of service for resources, you will be provided great leverage in moving forward!


Dr Kevin