The Chakra system is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘circle’ and represents specific energy centers along the body’s meridian system. (this is discussed in depth in acupuncture system, used in emotional freedom technique, various chiropractic techniques and other non-drug non-surgical interventions)

Just like colors in the rainbow or musical notes on the piano, each energy center represents a different energy frequency such as power, love, compassion, and self expression. Just like

If any energy centers become closed, blocked or under/over active, (AKA out of tune) we experience imbalance in our bodies, thoughts, feelings, and actions in the world. When this occurs, it can become challenging to manifest anything we desire including prosperity, abundance, and wealth of all kinds.

When our chakras are in balance, they connect, align, and flow with each other and we can experience more joy, peace, space, grace, money, opportunities, fun, adventure, and miraculous synchronicities greater than we ever dreamed possible. We allow it all without edging God out of our lives. We trust that we are always supported, guided, and safe in all encounters and relationships as we finally remember and truly get that we have always been the one we’ve been seeking in others.

(some of this blog post was created by Vandana)

To move forward in life and in reality balancing, opening and clearing our chakra’s is one step, and if you are reading this, it is calling your name. So find someone you know or trust and ask them to work with you.

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Blessings and Best regards,

Dr Kevin