The ancients define the Light, also known as God, as infinitely giving, infinitely imparting, infinitely fulfilling. The Light is the energy of peace and clarity; of health and financial abundance; of affirmation, love, and relationships; of every blessing we could ever hope for.

In fact, when we use the word “Light,” we mean everything we can possibly imagine that is wonderful.

The purpose of studying is to learn how we can connect to the Light and receive all of its infinite blessings.  In fact, the moment we accept that our soul is part of the flow of Light and we tune in to that flow, everything around us will be illuminated.

-Karen Berg

My realization having conversation with many people of many religions and practices around the world has allowed me to see many things, but most importantly is that a vast majority of what is held as religious practices and belief are really the same thing.

A Different Lexicon

Lexicon is a term to define groups of words a community uses.

When hearing words that are different than your own, perhaps there is something for you to learn or recognize?

Blessings to you and your Journey,

Dr. Kevin