These days there’s a challenge to get your attention, so big thanks for taking a few moments.

In today’s world, attention is at a premium, and research says I got about 4-7 seconds to get yours.

So with catchy titles and marketing do’s and don’t, what may have got you here, but in my opinion, truth is ultimately what you want. I know it’s what I want when interacting with a person, a store and even a website.

What’s My Truth

The truth is I have been become aware of, studied, guided and now have realized a master level skill of working with the body and mind.

On one side of the coin, pain relief. The other, optimal life expression.

Pain verses Pleasure

I come across three kinds of people. The are motivated by avoiding pain, motivate towards pleasure or a combination of both.

If your like a vast majority of people you are avoiding pain. That was mostly my motivation for a long time in my life.

But what does that get you…

Laziness. It breeds an entitlement mind set and ultimately your left with little practical skill, is that what you want?  No….Then take action and read on for the answer.


You don’t know how sometimes, but the solutions are always there and often time are simple.

A conscious decision of wanting a better life, a greater experience, with more personal freedom, is the first step. Congratulations, you did it!!! but….

The first step is a thought, the second step is an action.

Action Equals Results

The beauty about being alive today is that action often requires just moving the mouse over a button and clicking yes to know more information.

Information is the most valuable commodity out there, like I stated above, I’ve spent thousands on training, and everyone’s heard the saying “Knowledge is Power” but did they tell you that “Action” is the key to gaining the power required to get what you want.

Do You Know What You Want?

So here’s the simple actions step to get it……

1.follow the link provided below. It’s going to take you to my scheduler website, Here you will click the Phone or Skype consultation at th ebest time and date for you.

2. Log in or create and account (This will provide me your details to keep your appointment time focused on what matters)

3.Confirm your appointment details and click the schedule and book appointment button

4. Congratulations!! You took massive action to better your life and that of your loved ones!

Once you’ve got that completed expect to get more clarity and information on the following

Here’s what Your Going to Get

Your going to be able to identify various problems related to multiple areas of your life

You will receive detailed specific information and recommendations from a Certified Wellness Doctor of Chiropractic and Intuitive Energy Healer

You  will receive an audio of each session for your personal review and reflection

You will receive a greater sense of well being, confidence and certainty

You will be entered to receive inspirational guidance from Dr Kevin in future self healing seminars, technique series and other various multimedia messages.

You will receive insider access to thousands of hours of research and knowledge based on Dr. Kevin’s own healing journey and patient interactions.


Dr Kevin