All of us have something that we want. The question I have for you is, WHY do you want it?

Is it just for yourself, or do you want to bring happiness, joy and or goodness to others?

Read this statement below I received from a friend and consider your personal situation.

Blessings and Best Regards,

Dr Kevin

Each one of us must choose to be conscious of our actions and to be a part of a larger sharing energy because without the spiritual fulfillment that comes from sharing, there is no real happiness, no real life.

Without spiritual fulfillment, we are like a repeat offender bank robber who has to rob again and again because he never feels any fulfillment from what he does. Or we are like a drug addict who needs the next hit and the next one and the next one because he can never be fulfilled by something that is totally based in the Desire to Receive for the Self Alone.

Today, reach out and achieve the fulfillment that lasts.