Within the energy of pure Light, there is no such thing as doubt. Therefore, if we have any kind of uncertainty in our thoughts, in our being, in the way we respond to circumstance, then it’s our ego at work.

Like any other cycle of life and death, in our existence the cycle of trust and doubt is present.

Up & Down, Yin & Yang, Life & Death


The Rhythm of Life

Symbols, Mathematics, Astrology, Electronics, Geometry….. Life moves to this beat in all various areas of existence.

Just as the sun rises in the morning, the Light (The Law of Life) is absolutely there for us now and for eternity. It is up to you and me to find a way to garner our certainty in that Light and to do away with this garbage-talk of “I am not sure it works.”

What must be understood is that in the darkest hour of our life, just as in the brightest time, the energy of the Light (Life) is always there for us. If we forget this, then we descend into doubt, and in doubt, we can’t receive the miracles and joy that we are looking for in our lives.

Consciousness is a Layer

Your being can be viewed as layers of individual parts and systems, but it functions as one unit, one team. Realize your thinking, learning, beliefs and values are all working in harmony with these universal laws.

When light (life) is expressed the body responds with greater levels of health. When light is expressed in patterns of thinking the body responds with greater health.

How does one bring light to ones thinking?

How does one release the interference?

Seeking For Deeper Answers

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Dr Kevin