Today is a day of action.

A decision has been placed in front of you. A say this generally for everyone, however there is a very specific energy of new-ness. New beginnings. Opportunities to step up to another level.

Are you taking action? I am. For some, the decision is going to be tough, some of those re-occurring themes and battles are here for you to review, however, you have prepared yourself for many years and now is the time.

Taking Action Towards Your Hearts Calling

If you have done the work of knowing why you are taking action and what the benefit it is you are asking to receive, you’ve clarified what you want to do and it’s becoming increasingly more clear. You can chose to take that risk of reward or you can choose to stay put.

Like me and many others, you are desiring to do something of purpose, of meaning, of inspiration, something that when you awake in the morning, you are motivated to get up and do it. Now is the time.

Thank You for Taking Action

Looking back, it felt so good to take that step of unknown, but look at the rewards it has given you. Look at how life has changed, how much you learned. I’m so thankful to my self for doing it, for trusting that I will be more than OK, I am spectacular. Life becomes is what I feel and think, and I am grateful for guides, teachers and helpers that assisted me along the way. Known and unknown.Shifting my perspective, encouraging me, counseling me, challenging me.

I am grateful I have adapted to easily.


Take a moment and re-read the above “Thank You for Taking Action” statement as your own, feel how good it is to follow your heart when what you are doing is bringing Joy, happiness and fulfillment to yourself and others.

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Love and Light,

Dr Kevin Gyurina