Discursive Meditation: a Definition

Discursive meditation is a thinking-oriented approach to meditation. One “walks around” a Scripture or truth, seeing it from many angles. One reasons with oneself, moving from the doctrinal to the personal. Reasoning may be based on the seven auxiliary questions: why, who, what, where, when, how, & with what helps. The lectio portion may be brief, centering on a virtue, a fault, or a spiritual truth. The exercise concludes in the oratio portion with suitable resolutions. This discursive meditation results in a change of behavior.

Source: slow reads | Think it through: discursive meditation


If I may simplify and interpret the quote above;

Sitting comfortably or in a classic meditation posture, with your thinking mind, eyes open or closed with pen and paper or just your thoughts.

Consider the topic of your choosing for a pre-determined period of time, ten or fifteen minutes, to use your imagination and creativity to identify other perspectives (aka angles, viewpoints, outlooks, assessments) of the chosen situation.

The Questions

Why, Who, What, Where, When, How, & With what helps?

Consider each of these statements individually in regards to the situation at hand.

(Remember, you may want more or less of any number of situations, but you will focus on a single topic and work around it. There will be interconnections, take note, you can choose to move your thoughts in those varying directions or continue on the original path, both will guide you appropriately and you will certainly come back to the original consideration.) – Dr Kevin

For example, in the topic of learning, you may have finally come aware to the fact that one of your children is a kinesthetic learner. From that point forward you will educate your child to learn and communicate in different ways, ways that are congruent in that manner.

With contemplation, you will reflect upon situations in the child’s past that will now begin to make sense and in the future you will be better able to understand and be more creative in assisting your child with education, social and life skills.

Forever improving the life of your child, family, community, country and planet.


This practice develops patience, peace and clarity in ones heart and mind and serves you in transcendence from negativity and pain into the life that is potential and available here on earth.

The time is here and the Mountain Must Be Climbed.

Best regards and Blessings,

Dr Kevin