Dysponesis is defined by Doreland’s Medical Dictionary as follows:

A reversible physiopathologic state consisting of unnoticed, misdirected neurophysiologic reactions to various agents (environmental events, bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts) and the repercussions of these reactions throughout the organism. These errors in energy expenditure, which are capable of producing functional disorders, consist mainly of covert errors in action-potential output from the motor and premotor areas of the cortex and the consequences of that output.

Source: Dysponesis: Chiropractic in a word – Chiropractic Leadership AllianceChiropractic Leadership Alliance

What Is This Saying?

That your body is a hot mess because of what life today brings. Where you live, work and sleep, as well as what you think, how you react, what you hear, what you don’t hear, what you say or don’t say. This even includes what you eat or don’t eat, what you learn and what don’t know, dysponesis develops becaue be build abnormal responses due to lack of awarenss…….EVERYTHING IS EFFECTING EVERYTHING

You are in The Middle!!!!

So Now What?

Chiropractic is much more that fixing back, neck or headache pain. It is reaching your greatest potential by finding and getting rid of the causes of your life challenges regardless of structural, chemical, mental or environmental.

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