After reading this article, which I post below the revelation can to me.

The Goal

The life circumstances and events that come to you are required. They allow to become congruent to receive the goal you have set out. But most people are getting caught up with Why did this happen, this is happening because you need to be in alignment with the vision set….. but there is a requirement.

Knowing there is a positive to be taken from any situation.

Sometimes things occur in our lives that make us say, “Why does this have to happen to me?”

We judge the situation (whatever it may be) and we judge the other people involved in it.

What we usually don’t see at first is that whatever happens to us is a tool that serves to shape and hone the totality of our being, moving us forward in our evolution to where our soul needs to be.

Many of us living in this generation are not new souls. In fact, we´re mostly old souls: people that have lived over and over again.

The difficulties that present us with the greatest challenges , the negativity that arises within our being or in our experiences, are in fact the things that help us to release or cleanse something—call it an unpaid debt—from a previous lifetime. It is this process that serves to bring us back into alignment with the Lightforce of the Creator so that we can reveal our potential in this world.

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