More than likely, you have put little to no thought into the topic of distance healing, but most people, if not all, are doing it or have done it.

There are varying levels of abilities and skills but everyone has the capability within them.

Focused intention, or prayer, continues to be demonstrated time and time again as having a positive effect on health outcomes. There have been studies complete on the effects of positive intention and crime and in some instances there is even a name for it…

Maharishi Effect

The Maharishi effect is the idea is that individual brain waves can affect the collective consciousness. Though the exact science to explain how the brain waves of a small meditating group can effect the actions of the greater population is still not known, nearly 50 studies have been done on the subject and have appeared in prestigious publications such as the Journal of Crime and Justice.
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From my vantage point and studies there now is ample evidence to correlate which explain via both quantum and Newtonian physics. I digress.
Listen to Gregg Braden,  a great researcher, author, speaker and more that is able to beautifully articulate more surrounding this topic of energy and distance healing.
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