“What we do now echoes in eternity” ~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Another way of putting it, What we do in life today stays with us for an eternity.

Yea it sounds a bit heavy but that’s the raw truth for you. But there’s good news…

We always have the opportunity to become the greatest versions of ourselves. Check this Out

The Law of Cause and Effect.

Also known as karma, we know it metaphorically as ‘planting seeds in our life”

So how you choose to live your life (Thing you say and do, as well as how you experience and perceive your life), which is a direct reflection of your thoughts, which is a reflection of your values and beliefs, which is shaped by your individual nature and environment in which you were raised.  Oh My!!!   That’s a lot …..It’s OK,  and here’s why….

Since our beliefs shape our thoughts and our thoughts govern our actions in which there is a result, consequence or outcome, the answer is obvious.

Address Your Beliefs and Values

AWARENESS has been had, now AWAKEN the giant within and HEAL the body, mind and soul.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Education: Go to my YouTube Channel and discover from those I have learned from and with.
  2. Planning: Discover with your heart, YOUR truth. Use all your abilities and have faith in those whom you trust to hold conference with and apply the arts of visualizing and imagination to create a reality worthy of your highest self!!!
  3. Application: Take action on your plan. Understand that ALL occurrences are becoming your reality to align you with the vibration of the vision you have created for your life. Sometime you are congruent, sometimes not. When out of alignment, the universe, known as GOD, gives you opportunities of choice.Choices with love, abundance, joy, prosperity, compassion and similar energies lead you to greater peace, enjoyment and enlightenment in your life.

The Master Step

4. Sharpen the Saw. Repeat this process at 1 time per year or even more effective, twice per year.

Here’s one of the videos that I liked below that will absolutely get you on your way. Thank you Infinite Waters!!


Dr. Kevin