One Patient Story at Horning Chiropractic Center:

The pain was a burning, searing pain that started on Sunday in my hip and went down my leg and into my ankle and foot. It was non stop, 24/7. I couldn’t stand, sit or lie down without pain. I slept in a fixed position because if I moved the wrong way the pain woke me up.

I couldn’t do anything.

I tried ice and heat and over the counter pain medications. My primary Dr advised me to go to an Urgent Care Center. They refused to do X-rays and prescribed a pain killer and muscle relaxer; neither of which helped.

Dr. Horning took X-rays and began treatment on that Friday. The pain started to subside after the first visit and is now TOTALLY GONE.

Shirley M.

What Happened?

Helping her body adapt and align to take pressure off, then nature did the rest.

Just as if you cut your finger, yet never cleaned it out, it would most likely get infected. Once you assisted in removing the problem, the body can then heal.

Your whole body works that way.

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Dr Kevin