You have a “Monkey Mind” as one my mentors’ calls it.

Essentially what is going on is that you have a belief about something in your life. you have created a story. Now, something that you are perceiving is out of balance with that story. Ego is offended and is attempting to find or create a story so that it can have it’s way resulting in your greater peace.

But if this story is false, then you are just digging yourself deeper in a web of lies.

Get out of the head and into the Heart

There are other blog posts that elude to living through the heart and I will be going deeper still in future posts. Your heart calling is an intuition, it is knowing what is right for you and those involved in the interactions, but I will hold off on that… I can write for a while on that one, but one thing that needs to be stated is there needs to be a balance between allowing your heart to identify where the correct step in life will be and then allow your brain to assist in figuring it out.

It’s all about Observation and Awareness

One of the first steps to developing self mastery is Awareness. Awareness that your brain has been programed by others, perhaps 98% of it, comes from your parents, society, education, government and the ways in which these individuals and groups taught you to think.

There is some value, but in many instances what you have been taught to believe about yourself, others and the way the world is really working is false.

So let’s reign all that in and begin to identify the false statements and beliefs that have gripped you your entire life until NOW!!

The Monkey Mind Exercise

I first developed this for myself combining a few things I learned from professional seminars and individuals like Steven Covey and Tony Robbins. But it worked so well for me I began to give it to patients and it was a great addition to the work I was doing with them.

You see the body and the mind work together, All the time, no exceptions, unless you are taking medications. One of the primary effects  of medication is to separate feelings and awareness. More on that in another post I am preparing. By addressing the thoughts patterns and then also addressing the correlating physical body parts the change happens more rapidly, more fully and the result is personal transcendence. Now is time for you to read about and apply the exercise…

~ Part 1 ~

Step 1: Keep some paper and pen with you all day long.

Step 2: Write down every negative thought, comment, or self-communication.(Do the best you can) Anything that is negative in nature: beats you up, brings you down or talking negatively about yourself or others in any way.

Step 3: At the end of your day, take a few minutes to write in a journal or notebook the phrases that you identified earlier.

Step 4: Next to these identified negative phrase, re-word that language using only positive words.
(avoiding the words not, can’t won’t, aint’s, etc)


“That was dumb of me” Now is stated as, “I could have been smarter about that!”

“He looks disgusting in that sweaty shirt”. Now may be stated as, “He could be more mindful of how he dresses.”

Step 5: Now use this new language instead of old way of saying things! (pick one or two and stick with for now, you will easily expand as you allow an observer self to be created in your mind to inform your conscious self that intends to improve)

Comments: Some of this will be a challenge. You will have new thoughts coming up as you become more and more aware of them. Additionally, after the easier thoughts are addressed the more challenging ones will come to the surface. They will appear to be very subtle, but will be the most deeply rooted and most rewarding when upgraded.

~ Part 2 ~

Once you have identified new language to use, we want to create affirmations to support, grow and enhance your new mind set! You will be using ‘I Am’ phrases. Which is a “Now state of being.”

When you speak words that imply a “now state of mind/ being” your subconscious brain takes actions to experience, perceive, and make decisions to elevate your existence into this new state of mind.


I am aware of my thoughts, words, and comments.

I am identifying and upgrading my language towards myself and others

I am aligning with the highest good for myself and all those concerned.

The Message

Like I mentioned above about the shift and transition of life and consciousness, it can be a challenge. Understand you are in this with many other people, some are not as far as you on the path, some are equal and some are ahead. The point is someone has an ability to help you. Read more about what I can assist you with, search your feelings, is it right for you to work with me?

I promise any interaction with me is assisting you, but for those that desire a mentor, coach, guide or assistant let’s figure out what is needed. Go to the appointment section and take action. You deserve happiness and it is my hearts calling to assist others.


Dr. Kevin