You Are Perfect: Raw & Uncut Ep. 5

By |2015-08-23T12:58:50-04:00August 23rd, 2015|Dr Kevin YouTube|

The title says it all, yet the rest of the world says the opposite, interesting! Watch this brief video and consider for yourself, the fact, that you are Perfect.The the way we all look at ourselves, the planet and the people around us we see less then perfect. What is Perfection? Your body is perfectly responding to the environment that you are in and your mind is responding and acting perfectly in response to what [...]

Re-Action to Dis-Satisfaction

By |2015-08-11T14:42:48-04:00August 11th, 2015|Wellness|

Today's blog comes from a real life experience I recently had. I received a negative review the other day (just like anytime someone critiqued your work or said something that  brought you down, you wanted to respond.) But the issue is not one of needing to be in agreement or needing to be right but an issue of communication and clarification from both parties. You may be wondering, Why would Dr. Kevin write about a [...]

Do You Want Others to Understand You?

By |2015-07-31T19:10:45-04:00July 31st, 2015|Wellness|

I used to find myself saying, as I'm sure you have, " How hard can something be?" Angry, frustrated and short tempered. I ended up just doing it myself. Sometimes I have been in complete disbelief of why this person standing across from me, can not understand me. Many angry arguments begin this way. But everything changed. What Happens When You Change Your Perspective? Watch this brief video about perspectives, asking questions and LISTENING and [...]

Have Your Morning Coffee with Me!

By |2015-07-21T00:14:12-04:00July 21st, 2015|Health|

Greetings, This post has me very excited as it's my first live streaming internet video interview. On July 15th I appeared on Morning Coffee at Radio Vision Network, a morning educational talk internet show. Below you can see the three segments of me, Dr. Kevin, answering questions in a live interview format. You get to see how I think on the fly! If you have questions or any feed back, please comment below or contact [...]

Freedom. What’s your definition?

By |2015-07-04T14:01:00-04:00July 4th, 2015|Wellness|

Happy 4th of July - Independence Day!! Fun, joy, excitement, connection and peace to everyone reading this post today. Very briefly, the idea of freedom struck me when I was sitting quietly this morning. Simply put, Freedom, in some ways has been min-interrupted and therefore misused. Understanding to the significance of the words we choose to use, in my opinion, is one of the greatest endeavors one can consciously choose as a lifetime practice. "In [...]

Raw & Uncut, Ep. 1 – Self Trust

By |2015-04-08T23:00:00-04:00April 8th, 2015|Health|

Welcome to my first installment of Dr. Kevin Raw and Uncut. This video was orginally taken about a month ago and due to a series of trials it has taken me this long to get it up and running. Wild isn't it. But every challenge has it's blessing and lesson. I am much more aware! I have been thinking about it for a while and have finally decided to go to video blogs because of [...]

Your Ego Is Lying To You!!!

By |2015-03-14T12:41:00-04:00March 14th, 2015|Wellness|

I have had some tremendous awareness the past two or three weeks and I know whatever I am attracted to is either teaching me or re-enforcing something new. Additionally, there has been a huge aspect of the universal energies encouraging and assisting in the letting go of old beliefs, perceptions, habits, etc, etc. I am happy to say, that even though some perceived difficulties in my life have been occurring, these experiences have been supporting [...]


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