Easier When Moving Forward

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If you've ever found yourself high above the ground needing to cross you may understand the feeling one gets. Today's world feels much the same, so much is hanging in balance how do I mange it all? It's Not Up To You Just like the laws of physics are assisting the tight rope walker across, movement in life means taking action steps for yourself and other in life. What I mean is there are categories [...]

Coal or Diamond?

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We are all moving in a direction. Which way is your choice. If your having difficulties or challenges remember the below message. The journey to become more doesn’t happen without some kind of pain. In order to grow, we have to confront any number of challenges. Think of the process like this. If you place a piece of coal on the table, it will remain a piece of coal. If you want to create a [...]

An Idea, your Mind and Life

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Your mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains it's original dimensions. ~Oliver Wendall Holmes   So what are you choosing to fill your mind with? NFL stats? Celebrity gossip? Talk shows and the latest on who got eliminated on which ever dance or sing show? Are you caught up in negative thinking, emotional drama or blaming others for your circumstances? Ask yourself the following, Is this information, this thinking, this feeling helping me [...]

Affirmations: Getting What You Want

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Using the Universal Law of Repetition, affirmations are used as a tool in creating a mindset that allows healing and life energy to flow in your life. The below affirmation is a complimentary gift to you to assist you on your journey to wellness and fullest potential. [youtube] If you would like a downloadable version, go to, enter your email address, go to your inbox, follow the directions and then listen and enjoy. [...]

What is Joy: Dr Kevin Raw And Uncut Ep6

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Have you defined what brings you happiness and Joy? Did you know that the feelings you have on a daily basis are either leading you towards health and longevity or greater levels of disease and infirmity. My hope is there are a few questions in the video update that will spark your thought process. Take a look, make a comment and lets help one another express the best of one another. Blessings. Dr.Kevin [...]

Dr Kevin Raw & Uncut Ep3: Vim & Vigor

By |2015-08-18T23:11:00-04:00August 18th, 2015|Health|

Today's post is my review of the product Vim & Vigor. There was a brief amount of reluctance, but the review is from the heart and it's the truth as best that can be related at that moment. Hope you enjoy and please give me some feedback and comments. If your also wanting to hear other personal success stories, check out Michelle and her Vim & Vigor Facebook group page Blessings, Dr. Kevin

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