Wilting Flowers and Absurd Science

By |2014-10-24T08:16:21-04:00October 24th, 2014|Wellness|

The Question is everything!!! But where does it come from?   Imagine you have a flower that is wilting. How do you know it is wilting? You know by the signs and symptoms of what a wilting flower looks like. This is called expression of life. Regarding a flower, we recognize it as leaves turning brown, dried up petals and branches, bent over stalks, dry looking soil and perhaps a few other clues. So what's [...]

The Letter Never Sent

By |2014-10-21T10:27:48-04:00October 21st, 2014|Wellness|

Today I'm going to reveal something that I held personal for some time. In fact I never sent this letter and I still am uncertain why that is. Perhaps it was for today.

How Do You Respond to This?

By |2014-10-17T08:25:00-04:00October 17th, 2014|Wellness|

Ever Hear The Phrase “You Are What You Eat?" Well we all know that to be true to a very large degree, but this simple principle applies to other areas of our life. And your body is the ultimate work of art that will demonstrate if you understand and apply this simple principle. The image below says it all: Now Let's Talk about the Physical Body If you sit a certain way at work for [...]


By |2014-10-09T10:14:49-04:00October 9th, 2014|Wellness|

You landed in the right area... you will soon start to get into my head about health, wellness, alternative (really traditional) healing techniques as well as products and programs that enhance your mind, body and life. These philosophical realizations, life experiences, programs and products changed my life from a sick, over-weight, addicted individual to a happy, healthy, fit and focused health professional. So if you can handle opening your mind, learning about new ways of [...]


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