What is Pranic Healing?

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For those getting interested or becoming aware of various healing modalities, Pranic healing has become a well known name. Every time one gets to learn from a master there is increasing depth, knowledge and ability towards providing betterment to others. This style of healing affects the layers of the non-physical aspects of who we are, yet have an effect on our physical structures in the way of emotional, physiological and environmental circumstances. Review the video... [...]

Have You Seen Evidence of Distance Healing?

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More than likely, you have put little to no thought into the topic of distance healing, but most people, if not all, are doing it or have done it. There are varying levels of abilities and skills but everyone has the capability within them. Focused intention, or prayer, continues to be demonstrated time and time again as having a positive effect on health outcomes. There have been studies complete on the effects of positive intention [...]

One Million Dollars – Would You… ??

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What’s More Valuable Than Money? "When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”  - Herophilus The Million Dollar Offer About a year ago I was working as an associate Chiropractor in Bangkok, Thailand. Wonderful experiences, but that’s a conversation for another day, but what happened changed my perspective about money, health and my personal understanding of intention for the rest of [...]

Wilting Flowers and Absurd Science

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The Question is everything!!! But where does it come from?   Imagine you have a flower that is wilting. How do you know it is wilting? You know by the signs and symptoms of what a wilting flower looks like. This is called expression of life. Regarding a flower, we recognize it as leaves turning brown, dried up petals and branches, bent over stalks, dry looking soil and perhaps a few other clues. So what's [...]


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