Have you Ever Asked, “Why Me”?

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After reading this article, which I post below the revelation can to me. The Goal The life circumstances and events that come to you are required. They allow to become congruent to receive the goal you have set out. But most people are getting caught up with Why did this happen, this is happening because you need to be in alignment with the vision set..... but there is a requirement. Knowing there is a positive [...]

What is Manifesting?

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You may have heard of the word MANIFEST but what does this mean? According to Merriam-Webste dictionary, to Manifest something is to.... : Able to be seen : clearly shown or visible : Easy to understand or recognize : Readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight : Easily understood or recognized by the mind : Obvious Manifesting, in this instance, is in relation to bringing about an experience you VISUALIZE [...]

You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be

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I came across this story a long time ago and the truth of it continues to comfort me in times of challenge. I firmly believe and have experienced that we are here to assist one another but that the beauty of life is understanding that you too are transforming and emerging at different times of your life. For many people these past few months, and possibly years,  are one of these times. A Butterflies Story [...]

The Shift in Your Life

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It's been a few weeks since I have written and I have been wondering how does that happen? We all have similar experiences so let me share a bit of mine. I have recognized as I go through different transitions through my personal growth of betterment journey that occasionally everything gets shaken up. Sometimes that shake up can rock you to the core!! In this case, for me, what I intended resulted in me moving [...]

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Identifying what is going on in your mind requires a level of awareness that is more sophisticated in observation of the self than what you have been taught. Seeing your world, your experiences, your attitudes and feelings towards others and what you perceive to be in the eyes and hearts of other people in your life is what needs shifting for personal growth and increased life satisfaction.

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