Time for Change?

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You can not control the rhythm of this clock nor anything outside of you. This clock does not relate to time as you and I know it, it relates to life circumstances, patterns of social construction, patterns of events, emotions, beliefs and states of being. It is literally virtual reality, but not the computerized synthetic kind.

How to live longer and stronger

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“Laughter is the best medicine.” ...why would you want chemicals? "An American Heart Association study shows that even for people dealing with heart disease -- the number one killer of adults in this country -- a positive outlook means living longer and stronger, or as we say, living younger." ... does it sound like a good idea to be positive? The Answer Is Simple Learn how to see the cup half full, see the silver [...]

The Path to Health and Happiness

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RelationShips, It all comes down to perspective.   Relation Ships" The real secret of an incredible relationship has absolutely nothing to do with the other person. It has to do with you. You can only love as much as your heart is capable of loving. Not just that person but anything. There's only one door to the heart. You can't keep it closed to all kinds of people and all kinds of things and all [...]

Easier When Moving Forward

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If you've ever found yourself high above the ground needing to cross you may understand the feeling one gets. Today's world feels much the same, so much is hanging in balance how do I mange it all? It's Not Up To You Just like the laws of physics are assisting the tight rope walker across, movement in life means taking action steps for yourself and other in life. What I mean is there are categories [...]

Be Yourelf

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When someone is there self, being authentic, it's refreshing. There's a quality of confidence, certainty, fun, warmth, lightness all around an individual such as this. Honesty is a Quality of the Light. When someone talks about the "light" what they mean , knowingly or not, is that they are referring to the principles, aspects and laws of life that express goodness, rightness,kindness, compassion, you know ... the qualities of life. (oppositely we have darkness, heaviness, [...]

Have you Ever Asked, “Why Me”?

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After reading this article, which I post below the revelation can to me. The Goal The life circumstances and events that come to you are required. They allow to become congruent to receive the goal you have set out. But most people are getting caught up with Why did this happen, this is happening because you need to be in alignment with the vision set..... but there is a requirement. Knowing there is a positive [...]

Being Open and Present: A Short Story

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A good friend of mine was having a particularly low moment. Shortly after both her mother and her dog passed away, she realized that her romantic relationship was dying, too. One morning as she was walking to the local deli to get her usual iced coffee, she suddenly felt overwhelmed by the loss of her mother and her pet. Fighting back the tears, she asked herself something, not out of acting the victim but from [...]

Dr Kevin Raw & Uncut Ep3: Vim & Vigor

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Today's post is my review of the product Vim & Vigor. There was a brief amount of reluctance, but the review is from the heart and it's the truth as best that can be related at that moment. Hope you enjoy and please give me some feedback and comments. If your also wanting to hear other personal success stories, check out Michelle and her Vim & Vigor Facebook group page Blessings, Dr. Kevin


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