How to live longer and stronger

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“Laughter is the best medicine.” ...why would you want chemicals? "An American Heart Association study shows that even for people dealing with heart disease -- the number one killer of adults in this country -- a positive outlook means living longer and stronger, or as we say, living younger." ... does it sound like a good idea to be positive? The Answer Is Simple Learn how to see the cup half full, see the silver [...]

The Path to Health and Happiness

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RelationShips, It all comes down to perspective.   Relation Ships" The real secret of an incredible relationship has absolutely nothing to do with the other person. It has to do with you. You can only love as much as your heart is capable of loving. Not just that person but anything. There's only one door to the heart. You can't keep it closed to all kinds of people and all kinds of things and all [...]

Be Yourelf

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When someone is there self, being authentic, it's refreshing. There's a quality of confidence, certainty, fun, warmth, lightness all around an individual such as this. Honesty is a Quality of the Light. When someone talks about the "light" what they mean , knowingly or not, is that they are referring to the principles, aspects and laws of life that express goodness, rightness,kindness, compassion, you know ... the qualities of life. (oppositely we have darkness, heaviness, [...]

Coal or Diamond?

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We are all moving in a direction. Which way is your choice. If your having difficulties or challenges remember the below message. The journey to become more doesn’t happen without some kind of pain. In order to grow, we have to confront any number of challenges. Think of the process like this. If you place a piece of coal on the table, it will remain a piece of coal. If you want to create a [...]

Self-Preservation is Self-Love

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There is much healing required around the 5th chakra. Through my third eye, a brilliant blue light becomes present in this point of a healing session, signifying a clearing of stuck/subluxated energy. What is the Next Step Many have an experience in their third eye vision, AKA, the sights one sees in their eyes when closed during a healing session with various Reiki and Quantum healing modalities. But what is needed beyond the session is [...]

Do You Seek Truth?

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"As long as there is breath in my body I will never ever cease to be a seeker after truth." This is a promise I made to myself at 19 years of age. The path it has led me on has been beautiful, ugly, disastrous and wonderful, but what I have realized is that I am on the ever-progressing positive realization and experience of my life. Following this instinct, to seek truth, has led me [...]

What Happens When You Live in Love?

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Have you ever heard the term energy can neither be created nor destroyed? This is what the scientists and researchers throughout time have come up with. True or not, it seems to hold up these days. Energy is. Energy remains. In the same way, love is. Love remains. Love is a force that can neither be diminished nor destroyed. It is one of greatest or perhaps even the greatest power that can exist on this [...]

Love: Raw & Uncut Ep 9

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In this Episode of Raw & Uncut I reveal a few additional thoughts regarding the topic of love in our life, in music. What is Love, this Tone, this Vibration, this Energy? We have termed it Love, but the feeling, within.... sit there for a moment Recall the highest, greatest remembrance or vision and feeling of love in your life, Breath with it. Find out what happens when you think about, say and feel love!!!! [...]

Have You Seen Evidence of Distance Healing?

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More than likely, you have put little to no thought into the topic of distance healing, but most people, if not all, are doing it or have done it. There are varying levels of abilities and skills but everyone has the capability within them. Focused intention, or prayer, continues to be demonstrated time and time again as having a positive effect on health outcomes. There have been studies complete on the effects of positive intention [...]

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